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With over 500 questions and answers Book Six will keep
your residents lively and cheerful with categories such as:
Miscellaneous Trivia, Homophones, Names and Nationalities,
Test Your Patriotism, Animal Kingdom, Iím Thinking of a Number
and Mixed Bag.

Samples below:

1. What will the world always welcome, as time goes by?______
                                                                                     ( lovers )
2. Which King Henry had six wives?_______________
                                                     ( King Henry The 8th )
3. The names Sean, Patrick and Danny are common among
people from what country?_________
                                         ( Ireland )
4. What colors are the stars on the U.S. flag?_________
                                                                    ( white )
5. What animal do you grab by the horns?________
                                                              ( The Bull )

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